Monday, September 23, 2019

Saving the world Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Saving the world - Case Study Example This is not only chaotic but also challenging as it involves managing teams spread all over the globe. The management will need to make the response center teams smaller and more specific to their roles to ensure there is maximum and timely delivery. Tin order to use technical, human and conceptual skills, the company ensures that working never comes to a standstill. This is attained by ensuring that when one team in Dublin works one day, the team in Santa Monica takes over and when they finish their day, the team in Tokyo steps in the next day and they pass it to Dublin to continue with the cycle. This ensures that the workers are not bored with the routine work, which helps them get motivated and work in a professional manner. Since its foundation in 982, the company puts a great emphasis on customer service and innovation by stating their commitment to provide solutions and security in information management and in efficient manner. The management and workers are guided by a set of values that ensure the customers are always the focus of their products through customer driven strategizing. In innovation, the company uses open innovation helps the company to provide the customers with the best products. There are several lessons that other managers can learn from Patrick Fitzgerald and the way Symantec approaches its work. This include, working with diverse people at the global level, maintaining efficiency through the use of smaller teams, managing time efficiently, putting emphasis on worker motivation and trying to break work

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