Saturday, August 3, 2019

Essay --

Why would a married man pursue a woman in hopes of gaining more than a platonic relationship? Dmitri Gurov is a Russian womanizer that spent two weeks on a vacation resort in Yalta. During his stay, Dmitri always took interest in the new women that arrived in Yalta. He discovered a young lady with a dog walking along the sea-front. Whenever he saw her approaching the public garden, he would always make a presence to meet her there. There are definitely characteristics of his personality that caused Dmitri to venture beyond his marriage. Dmitri was married at a young age. Dmitri was not happy in his marriage. His wife considered herself very intelligent. However, Dmitri considered her unintelligent, non- attractive, and did not like to be home with her. He had been unfaithful to her for a long time. Due to the lost love Dmitri had for his wife, his view for all women took a negative stand. Whenever women were discussed in his presence, he spoke about them in a negative manner. He referred to them as â€Å"the lower race† (252). Dmitri did not like to affiliate with members of the same sex. In the presence of men, he was he was bored and uncommunicative. Although he spoke negatively about women, he felt comfortable in their presence and knew what to say to them. The way he conducted himself in public, as well as his personal appearance grabbed the women attention and lured them to him. However, something about women got his attention and drew him to them. Dmitri meets the lady with the dog while dining in the gardens. While waiting at a table to be served, the lady with the red beret took the table next to him. Dmitri assumed the lady was married by the way she walked; the way she dressed, the way she did her hair, and her expression. ... ... All awhile Anna had been deceived by the man she fell in love with, not knowing Dmitri true feelings for women. However, the two of them shared a common bond. Regardless of how Dmitri felt about other women, his compassion for Anna was something he never experienced with any other woman. To conclude, While on vacation at a resort in Yalta; two people of the opposite sex both married and unhappy, meet and establish a relationship beyond their imagination. When they departed the resort, their relationship never ended. However, it continued to grow. The two would occasionally visit each other to rekindle the relationship previously established. Throughout this man’s life, his view of women took a negative stand. For he had deceived himself by thinking he could never have the feelings of love for a woman. The women that he fell deeply in love with had proven him wrong.

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