Thursday, August 8, 2019

Background check Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Background check - Essay Example When individuals hire close friends, they are reluctant to perform the background checks. The second reason is trust where white color criminals are not profiled easily as they are trusted. The last reason is financial issues where small businesses do not have adequate resources to perform the check. Therefore, these businesses opt to avoid the background check. Personally, I do not have an instance where a company failed to perform the check on an individual as my friends confirmed that they signed the waivers for background checks. This shows that the problem has significantly improved in the modern days because information to perform the check is readily available as opposed to the past. A standing policy would be an important measure to ensure that individuals do not avoid the background checks in the future. For reasonable and reliable decision making process, verification of potential employee’s background information is crucial (Muir 51). If I were in the position of hiring a high-level financial employee, I would first interview them personally and then perform an extensive background check to avoid compromising the functioning of my company as a result of vandalism, embezzlement or theft of company resources. Additionally, I would ensure that I contact all previous employers in spite of the subject individual’s experi ence or expertise. With regard to the case scenario, the first company did its duty by reporting the culprit but the second failed leading to a

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