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Issues in international politics (EU) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Issues in international politics (EU) - Essay Example This research essay will aim to offer and evaluate the EU’s role in its fight against international terrorism. In this research paper, I wish to stress that despite all these counter terrorism initiatives, the menace from terrorism remains one of the vital European issues and challenges, and EU’s anti-terrorism strategies are to be overhauled completely. (Prezelj 2007:16). Whether EU’s Anti –Terrorism is effective and efficient? - An Analysis Terrorism is not a new phenomenon, and it is a technique customarily used by a weaker section or actor against mighty or stronger one. Terrorism can referred as a by-product of the growth of democracy, as governments and leaders became subject to public pressure. The terrorism was first known to be used in the context of the French Revolution, and later it became very famous on 11 September 2011 happenings. With the establishment of the Terrorism, Radicalism, Extremism and international Violence group (TREVI group) in 1975 and with the European Convention on the Suppression of Terrorism (ECST) of 1977, the source of European co-operation on counter-terrorism can be recognised in the 1970s. (CEDAT: 115) There are many elements that make terrorist actions as unacceptable and unfair among them, the clandestine nature and the fact that the terrorists do not show themselves engage in open dispute and do not show themselves openly. The most abhorrent issue is killing of non-combatants or innocents. When killing an Israeli, a Palestine terrorist may argue that they are involved in a fight against all Israelis, including women and children as they would claim that they are involved in a battle against all Israelis. The same could be true for other terrorist groups, be they in Chechnya, Spain, Sri Lanka or Northern Island. (Mahncke & Monar 2006:14). EU has defined terrorism as the principal menace to European security, Terrorism is characterised as global in its scope and associated to aggressive religio us extremism. Europe is both a base for terrorism and a potential target. The menace of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction was also within the EU’s terrorist context. The most worsening scenario is if a terrorist group obtains and employs weapons of mass destruction, then the outcome will be of devastation. (Prezelj 2007:21) The real fact is that Anti-terrorist measures in EU are not supported by all member states, mainly due to differences in threat perception. For instance, UK and Spain may want to place terrorism as the core issue of the EU agenda and to arrive at an anti-terrorism measure that they conceive to be significant. However, for non-Spanish and non-British policy-makers, this may not be relevant and could be costly and far-reaching like the idea of data retention. (Mahncke & Monar 2006:40). Divergence in threat perception may also help to assist to demonstrate the difference in cooperation and speed in implementing EU-level anti-terrorism cooperati ve agreements. EU member states that does not visualize terrorism as a significant issue lags behind in implementing and approving new cooperation agreements and laws contrasted to nations where government witness populations that feel more intimidated by terrorism. Thus, it appears

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