Monday, July 29, 2019

Evaluating People Skills Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Evaluating People Skills - Research Paper Example A competent manager with a team of unskilled individuals will not be able to score big on performance charts. On the other hand, a competent manager with a competent team always delivers satisfactory results. â€Å"One project management shoe no longer fits all feet† (DeCarlo, 2003). Trends in project management are constantly changing. Different project management techniques work for different projects. Moreover, certain project managers prefer particular project management technique and tools. In other words, project management gets customized frequently. New methodologies and templates are emerging to satisfy the needs of various projects. Trends in people skills have been shifting towards hiring people with tangible ‘People Skills’. Budget, schedule and technical specifications are the three features that determine the success and quality of a project. That is why project management trends are shifting towards putting together a team that can deliver according to the changing requirements of the projects. Accordingly, the trends in processes are also changing. More focus is now on the processes that deliver the most in relatively less amount of time as dramatic changes can be observed in technology leadership and practices. Usually, projects have technical difficulties and the needs for achieving more with less only puts pressure on team members of a project. Teams with significant human dimensions are successful in completing better projects. Virtual teams are the best examples of such human dimensions (Flannes, n.d.). These teams are better at handling cross-cultural variables. There is no doubt that project teams are facing more complexity and strain than ever. The world is recovering from a global economic downturn and this recovery process involves more innovation and more complexity in business projects. Moreover, there is more strain put on project teams due to global business competition. Now the projects generally involve people from

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